About Super Jay

Ben and Katelyn Herrygers are part-owners of Poppin Huis in Holland, MI. The Super Jay brand celebrates the fact that we are all created to be just exactly as we are.


For every Super Jay brand item sold, $3.21 will be donated to a local nonprofit. From t-shirts to dolls, mugs to books, if it's part of the brand, we promise to donate $3.21. Follow us on Facebook --> @superjaybrand 

Where did we come up with $3.21? The brand is inspired by Ben and Katelyn's son, Jameson, who has Down syndrome. He's a super, kind, and energetic human who has Trisomy 21. In support of Jameson, we give.



Katelyn is the author of the book I Am Me coming soon! Buy a copy here. To learn more about Katelyn and read some of her other work, visit KatelynShae.net